News for 2015

Augment Your IT Department With ASK

 Posted date: May 22, 2015  No Comments

ASK helps companies: - Get help desk technology support 24/7/365 - Proactively monitor and fix problems before they happen - Maintain & upgrade IT infrastructure - Put in place effective anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, and anti-hacking tool ...

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Microsoft and Apple – Two Different Visions of the Future

 Posted date: May 21, 2015  No Comments

For Apple, the future of the personal computer is about keeping the device central. The new Apple Watch follows this paradigm of creating a stronger connection between the smart device and its user. Microsoft defines its future as one of more person ...

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What Will Azure Stack and Windows Update For Business Mean For You?

 Posted date: May 20, 2015  No Comments

Initial Reaction to Microsoft’s Ignite Announcements – What Will it Mean for Business? Microsoft recently debuted Windows Update for Business, Azure Stack, and new organizational analytics features in the Office Delve app at their Ignite ente ...

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Do You Use Proper LinkedIn Etiquette?

 Posted date: May 19, 2015  No Comments

LinkedIn Etiquette – Are you Violating the Etiquette Rules?  While both Facebook and LinkedIn are social networks, LinkedIn etiquette differs from Facebook etiquette in several specific ways.  As its role in professional circles grows, users ...

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Bottom Line IT: Cyber Security a Bigger Focus For Community Banks

 Posted date: May 18, 2015  No Comments

  Federal Reserve Governor Pushing for Less Restrictive Oversight on Community Banks so that They Can Focus on Core Business and Cyber Security Issues According to Bloomberg, many of the Dodd-Frank law provisions, passed after the 2008 subprime ...

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Mike & Erik: Tesla’s New Powerwall Battery

 Posted date: May 15, 2015  No Comments

  Tesla’s New Powerwall Battery Tesla has some of the most advanced battery expertise in the world, and the announcement of the Powerwall takes that expertise beyond automobiles and into the home.  The Powerwall is a big home battery that cha ...

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Defense Department Seeking Help from Silicon Valley in Fight Against Cyber-Attacks

 Posted date: May 14, 2015  No Comments

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has made overtures to top companies in Silicon Valley, seeking collaborative partnerships to better protect the US from cyber-attacks. But not everyone is eager to help: many companies are still suspicious of working w ...

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Taking Down Fraudulent Sites is Like Playing Whack-a-Mole

 Posted date: May 13, 2015  No Comments

Removing illegal and fraudulent websites is easier said than done.  There are a number of obstacles, from apathetic domain name registrars and hosts to various legal jurisdiction conflicts.  Many of the individuals using the Internet for illegal ac ...

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Which Cloud Services Are Your Employees Using Right Now? The Answer May Surprise You!

 Posted date: May 11, 2015  No Comments

Companies, looking to protect their data and networks from cloud arrangements made by employees, are turning to technology that can sniff out cloud services that are lurking, unbeknownst to the IT department, on corporate networks. Chief information ...

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Massive Starbuck’s Outage Reveals Frightening Risks to All Businesses

 Posted date: May 8, 2015  No Comments

A glitch disabled registers at thousands of Starbucks stores on Friday.  All company-owned stores were affected, about 60% of its 13,500 locations in the U.S. and Canada.  As with many point-of-sale systems, Starbucks’ registers collect data, run ...

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