Taking the hassle out of technology so you can run your business.

You take the time to be an expert in your field. We take the time to be an expert in business technology. By leaving the tech to us, you get to concentrate on what you do best, saving you and your staff time and money. With our free consultation, it’s easier than ever to get started. Just ASK.

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A Different Kind Of IT Company

ASK is a Michigan-based full-service IT solutions, security, and services provider serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

We combine personalized customer attention, technical excellence and project efficiency to ensure that we always exceed our customer’s expectations.

The ASK staff is a team of hand-selected professionals with up-to-the-minute proficiency in leading technology solutions. Each member of our team is committed to strong customer service values and a genuine passion for leveraging technology in order to deliver business results.

For all of your business technology and computer service needs, just ask for ASK!

Our Mission Statement:

ASK is committed to taking the hassle out of technology in order to allow our customers to more effectively run their businesses. Our value is in our ability to combine superior technology with outstanding service. The customer’s best interest will guide every decision that we make.

Our Services

ASK understands that, for a business, technology has no intrinsic value of its own. Its only value is its ability to enable reduced costs, increased revenues or streamlined processes. Every ASK product and service is built on this premise.

In order to provide real business value through technology, an understanding of the client’s needs and goals is at the foundation of every solution and proposal produced by ASK. Our methodology has been built to ensure that we are consistently exceeding these goals and it includes the following elements: